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2019 “Runxin valve”seminar successfully completed at Changchun and Shengyang

From July 24th to 26th, 2019 "Runxin valve" seminar successfully completed at Changchun and Shenyang, more than 140 customers attended.

Runxin Staffs introduced in detail about the classification, characteristic, operation and application of "Runxin valve", ceramic ball valve and "Runlucky" residential series products, deeply explained the knowledge of "Runxin valve" new products upgrading and improvement, and shared some after-sales maintenance problems of "Runxin valve".

Combined with the "Runxin valve" which was displayed on site, staffs and customers disassembled the valve together; meanwhile, the staff also made a further explain on the structure of control valve, so that customers have a deeper understanding of the structure and working principle of "Runxin valve".

The atmosphere on this training is good, besides the customers of control valve, some Runlucky agents also came to attend this training. At the meeting, customers gained lots of knowledge by actively inquiring new products, putting forward questions and sharing application experience of "Runxin valve".