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1st Runlucky National Shopping Guide Training Conference was successfully held in 2019

From April 18th to 19th, 1st Runlucky national shopping guide training was successfully held in Runxin, nearly 40 trainees attended.

President Mr. Yang Runde delivered a speech at the conference, saying that Runxin was recognized by the market because Runxin has always insisted to innovation and paid attention to product quality over the years. And Mr. Yang Runde also stressed out that Runlucky stores around the country should create the model cases deeply, take into account the feelings of consumers, and realize the importance the after-sales service.

The training for the trainees introduced the product classification, configuration and 360°solution in detail, further explained the selling point of whole house water purification products, also held the water quality inspection and shopping guide practice, it better enabled trainees to apply theory knowledge effectively to practice and provided consumers with more qualified services.

Meanwhile, on the conference, we also shared the building ideas of regional model cases and typical installation cases across the country, standardized the contents related to store management and after-sales service, and had extensive communication with trainees regarding common problems in store sales process and channel development planning.

In order to enhance the training effect, we also conducted a targeted test during the conference and issued a certificate.